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Internet Services and Broadband Cable in Colombia

Cable television executive Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo is recognized for his enormous contribution to the development of the Colombian television industry over the past 20 years. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo is best known for implementing a successful business model that led to significant network expansion across the country.

Broadband access first became available to the population of 48.3 million Colombians in 1997. At first, only major centers such as Bucaramanga and Bogota had access, and it was prohibitively expensive to many residents. ADSL arrived in 2001, initiating a commercial war between the most prominent telecommunications providers. This in turn led to competitive pricing in the following years.

Metropolitan ADSL providers held a monopoly in the cities of Cartagena, Cali, and Barranquilla until 2007. At this time, Telefonica Colombia expanded its services to reach all major hubs. Today, the main broadband providers are Claro, Movistar, ETB, and UNE-EPM. Triple-play bundled services of telephone, cable television, and broadband are popular and have led to a revival of cable modems. In the Colombian cable television sector, UNE/Tigo and Claro control the majority of the market.


Critical Factors in Satellite Antenna Installation and Adjustment

As the president of Global Media, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo leads one of most prominent telecommunications service providers in the Spanish-speaking world. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo oversees the delivery of services throughout the United States and Latin America, striving to provide the highest quality of entertainment and information via its cable TV offerings.

To ensure the quality of its services, Global Media offers guidelines for the selection and installation of satellite receivers. When establishing service at a new business or residence, one should identify a suitable location at least 20 meters away from all trees, buildings, and other obstructive landmarks. Additionally, it is important to consider both elevation and azimuth when adjusting a satellite for optimal reception. A satellite dish’s azimuth refers to its angle in relation to a vertical axis. After determining the proper elevation, a technician or customer can locate an approximate azimuth by rotating the satellite until clear reception is achieved.

Global Media recommends using tools such as the Trimax SM2200 or Linbox SF-9000 digital satellite finders to adjust satellite antennas accurately and efficiently. Additionally, the company advises using quality tools for all necessary cable connections, including a cable with sufficient shielding, durable connectors, and a crimp suitable for the chosen materials.

Considerations for Safe Scuba Diving

A longtime presence in Latin American television programming, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo created the first 24-hour news channel in Colombia. The owner of Globalmedia Telecomunicaciones, S.A., located in Bogota, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo now devotes his energies to consulting and advising various other media outlets.

In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, and he takes care to follow safety regulations. The most important element of diving safety is remembering your training, preferably gained through a certification course. If you learn to dive at a resort, be sure to go down no further than 30 feet. Even if you are certified for more complex diving, always call on what you learned in training.

Your breathing should be relaxed, with full exhalations. Holding your breath or breathing in short puffs can injure your lungs. It is a good idea to undergo a physical examination before you dive; cardiopulmonary problems are responsible for many fatalities.

Furthermore, following the buddy system is paramount. Do not dive alone. A buddy acts as a second set of eyes to spot trouble you may miss. Before the dive, work with your buddy to be sure all your equipment is in good working order. If trouble arises underwater, do not panic. Keep breathing, and think before you act. Ascend slowly, even under stress.

Another important rule is “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” You and your buddy should agree on how far down to go, how much bottom time to spend, and how much air you will need on the ascent. Choose the hand signals you will use, and frequently check your air supply.

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo Advocates Counter Cyclical Policy

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo, the noted founder of the Cablenoticias news channel in Colombia, recently gave his view on the state of the economy in Colombia. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo’s comments, which were posted on his blog in December 2013, point toward the adoption of a counter cyclical policy.

Mr. Restrepo said that he believes current interest rates in Colombia could be reduced with a public spending plan that is designed to meet overall consumer demand. He also added that he believes that Colombia’s central bank has certain margins that it should utilize as well. These margins could be implemented to produce monetary gains and expand the amount of credit that is used in the economy. He added that he believed that the bank had more latitude in this regard than the government. He also said that he advocates the implementation of a counter cyclical policy.

A counter cyclical policy is a governmental policy that is instituted to lessen antisocial behavior during an economic period. Policies of this type promote the tightening of credit during cycles that are marked by inflation, and prompt spending activities when there is a downturn in the economy.

Colombian-Based Cable Executive on Fiber Optic Benefits

As the president of Global Media TV, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo knows that in order to stay competitive in the cable industry, it is essential to use fiber optic cabling. In a recent blog post, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo discussed the advantages of fiber optics over copper in making cable connections.

The traditional copper wiring that is used in cable systems costs more than fiber optics. Not only are fiber optic wires more affordable, but the connections are also safer. While copper requires the use of power that is high in voltage, optical wiring can convey broadcasts using low-powered transmitters. As a result, more channels can be utilized.

Fiber optic cables are also lighter in weight than copper and supply a clearer reception. This is because the data is conveyed by way of light signals rather than electricity, which makes fiber optics a fireproof alternative. In addition, fiber optics use less space than copper. Its safety and practicality make fiber optic wiring the ideal option for companies that want to realize a better return on investment and an enhanced customer base.

Use of TVs Expected to Increase in Latin America

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo works tirelessly in the cable industry to expand it and to produce number one rated news and entertainment. In his role of overseeing the Global Media Group, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo handles numerous responsibilities to produce top-rated channels for his viewing audiences. He recently wrote an article discussing the expansion of television in the Latin American marketplace.

In his article, Mr. Restrepo remarks on the rapid growth of television in the Latin American region. He says that by 2015, estimated TV usage in that part of the world will increase by more than 25 percent. A number of factors support the anticipated growth, one of which is an increase in the use of flat screen TVs. He also points out that viewers can watch more cable programs due to the adoption of ISDB-T, a broadcast standard used for the transmission of digital TV in Latin American countries.

The sales of OLEDs and iDTVs (integrated digital TVs) are currently on the rise, and LCD TVs are less dominant. OLED continues to gain market share in state-of-the-art TV screens, PDAs, computer monitors, and mobile phones.

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo Is Recipient of Golden Seed Award

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo, the president and chief executive officer of Global Media Telecommunications, received the Golden Seed award in June 2012 for his work in connection with the company’s agricultural television channel, TvAgro. Given by Corpoagro, the international agricultural conglomerate, the award underscores the journalistic contributions of Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo and TvAgro to the agricultural industry in Colombia and the region.

TvAgro, which is just one of several channels owned by Global Media, operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It was established to provide up-to-date and continuous news coverage to the agricultural community, the first channel to do so. Reaching farmers throughout the Andean region, the channel aims to educate those in the agricultural industry, particularly those who work directly in the field, about new farming technologies and more efficient methods of production. TvAgro now reaches more than six million subscribers in 16 Spanish-speaking countries.