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Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo Is Recipient of Golden Seed Award

January 28, 2014

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo, the president and chief executive officer of Global Media Telecommunications, received the Golden Seed award in June 2012 for his work in connection with the company’s agricultural television channel, TvAgro. Given by Corpoagro, the international agricultural conglomerate, the award underscores the journalistic contributions of Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo and TvAgro to the agricultural industry in Colombia and the region.

TvAgro, which is just one of several channels owned by Global Media, operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It was established to provide up-to-date and continuous news coverage to the agricultural community, the first channel to do so. Reaching farmers throughout the Andean region, the channel aims to educate those in the agricultural industry, particularly those who work directly in the field, about new farming technologies and more efficient methods of production. TvAgro now reaches more than six million subscribers in 16 Spanish-speaking countries.

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