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Colombian-Based Cable Executive on Fiber Optic Benefits

February 15, 2014

As the president of Global Media TV, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo knows that in order to stay competitive in the cable industry, it is essential to use fiber optic cabling. In a recent blog post, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo discussed the advantages of fiber optics over copper in making cable connections.

The traditional copper wiring that is used in cable systems costs more than fiber optics. Not only are fiber optic wires more affordable, but the connections are also safer. While copper requires the use of power that is high in voltage, optical wiring can convey broadcasts using low-powered transmitters. As a result, more channels can be utilized.

Fiber optic cables are also lighter in weight than copper and supply a clearer reception. This is because the data is conveyed by way of light signals rather than electricity, which makes fiber optics a fireproof alternative. In addition, fiber optics use less space than copper. Its safety and practicality make fiber optic wiring the ideal option for companies that want to realize a better return on investment and an enhanced customer base.

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