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Considerations for Safe Scuba Diving

January 6, 2015

A longtime presence in Latin American television programming, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo created the first 24-hour news channel in Colombia. The owner of Globalmedia Telecomunicaciones, S.A., located in Bogota, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo now devotes his energies to consulting and advising various other media outlets.

In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, and he takes care to follow safety regulations. The most important element of diving safety is remembering your training, preferably gained through a certification course. If you learn to dive at a resort, be sure to go down no further than 30 feet. Even if you are certified for more complex diving, always call on what you learned in training.

Your breathing should be relaxed, with full exhalations. Holding your breath or breathing in short puffs can injure your lungs. It is a good idea to undergo a physical examination before you dive; cardiopulmonary problems are responsible for many fatalities.

Furthermore, following the buddy system is paramount. Do not dive alone. A buddy acts as a second set of eyes to spot trouble you may miss. Before the dive, work with your buddy to be sure all your equipment is in good working order. If trouble arises underwater, do not panic. Keep breathing, and think before you act. Ascend slowly, even under stress.

Another important rule is “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” You and your buddy should agree on how far down to go, how much bottom time to spend, and how much air you will need on the ascent. Choose the hand signals you will use, and frequently check your air supply.

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