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Critical Factors in Satellite Antenna Installation and Adjustment

January 21, 2015

As the president of Global Media, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo leads one of most prominent telecommunications service providers in the Spanish-speaking world. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo oversees the delivery of services throughout the United States and Latin America, striving to provide the highest quality of entertainment and information via its cable TV offerings.

To ensure the quality of its services, Global Media offers guidelines for the selection and installation of satellite receivers. When establishing service at a new business or residence, one should identify a suitable location at least 20 meters away from all trees, buildings, and other obstructive landmarks. Additionally, it is important to consider both elevation and azimuth when adjusting a satellite for optimal reception. A satellite dish’s azimuth refers to its angle in relation to a vertical axis. After determining the proper elevation, a technician or customer can locate an approximate azimuth by rotating the satellite until clear reception is achieved.

Global Media recommends using tools such as the Trimax SM2200 or Linbox SF-9000 digital satellite finders to adjust satellite antennas accurately and efficiently. Additionally, the company advises using quality tools for all necessary cable connections, including a cable with sufficient shielding, durable connectors, and a crimp suitable for the chosen materials.

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