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Internet Services and Broadband Cable in Colombia

February 4, 2015

Cable television executive Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo is recognized for his enormous contribution to the development of the Colombian television industry over the past 20 years. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo is best known for implementing a successful business model that led to significant network expansion across the country.

Broadband access first became available to the population of 48.3 million Colombians in 1997. At first, only major centers such as Bucaramanga and Bogota had access, and it was prohibitively expensive to many residents. ADSL arrived in 2001, initiating a commercial war between the most prominent telecommunications providers. This in turn led to competitive pricing in the following years.

Metropolitan ADSL providers held a monopoly in the cities of Cartagena, Cali, and Barranquilla until 2007. At this time, Telefonica Colombia expanded its services to reach all major hubs. Today, the main broadband providers are Claro, Movistar, ETB, and UNE-EPM. Triple-play bundled services of telephone, cable television, and broadband are popular and have led to a revival of cable modems. In the Colombian cable television sector, UNE/Tigo and Claro control the majority of the market.

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