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About Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo

Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo has held responsibilities as President and Chief Executive Officer of Medellín, Colombia, based Globalmedia Telecomunicaciones, S.A., since 2007. In this capacity, Mr. Restrepo focuses on creating cable television channels with distinct market presences. His current four channels include the agricultural sector–focused TVAgro and the news-centered Cablenoticias.

Mr. Restrepo earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad Nacional in Medellín and then accepted a position with the financial services firm Zurbarán, S.A. Working in advisory capacities with the company, he helped establish new markets throughout Northern South America. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo subsequently served as Chief Financial Officer with Colcereal, S.A. From 1993 to 1998, he held executive positions with the Makrómputo, S.A., subsidiary Makro Corporation, in which he led corporate expansion into new Latin American markets.

In 2001, Mr. Restrepo founded Cablepacífico, S.A., which has become the leading cable services provider in Colombia and the fourth-largest provider in South America. He notably drove corporate growth through the development of fiber optic capacities in northeastern Colombia.

As head of GlobalMedia Telecomunicaciones, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo leads a firm that has achieved a 90 percent share of the Colombian cable market and has concluded numerous transactions that provide content to other Latin American markets. He was instrumental in the establishment of Cablenoticias, the first provider of 24-hour news in Colombia. Mr. Restrepo completed a deal with Multivision, S.A., which extended his company’s programming to accommodate an additional 5 million viewers in Spain and the United States. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo has established a number of other firms during his entrepreneurial career, including the fiber optic and electronic equipment manufacturer Keito Corporation, and the food industry company Colcereal, S.A.

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